Winter's Embrace in Ithaca

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My original plan was to write the next blog post about the amphibian migration in Ithaca. Unfortunately, spring has not yet arrived here. Thus, I went to Taughannock Falls once again, together with my friends Daniel Zurek and David Duneau (Check out Daniel's nice video of the tour on Youtube).

Taughanock Falls

Meanwhile, masses of Canada Geese returned to Ithaca, waiting for the breeding season to start. Unfortunately, they will need to be patient. The following images should illustrate the frosty mood at Lake Beebe. With the Geese in the image, it gives a nice impression of the massive amount of ice that built up during the winter.

Canada Geese in front of a massive Ice wall at Beebe Lake

Understandably, the geese were not very active this morning. I really admire their endurance. The following image was taken on March 27th at -14°C.

Freezing Canada Geese

Finally, the morning sun came around at the end of the tour, allowing an image with a warmer mood

Canada Geese

Alright, the next post will hopefully show some amphibians. I still have hope for a wonderful spring here in Ithaca.