Winter in Ithaca

This first Blog post on my new Website deals with the City of Ithaca (NY), where I am currently working as a postdoctoral biologist at the Cornell University.
Ithaca is a small town with 30000 inhabitants, 20000 of which are Students at Cornell. Thus it can turn into a real ghosttown during the semester breaks. But Ithaca has a lot to offer for people who enjoy nature.
The Cornell Campus includes two spectacular gorges (Fall Creek & Cascadilla Creek), which unfortunately got some questionable fame due to cases of suicide. Now, every bridge houses signs of the "crisis hotline", offering psychological help for suicide endangered students.

City of Ithaca (NY)

City of Ithaca (NY)

Numerous waterfalls in these gorges offer spectacular views for nature lovers and photographers. I want to use the currently heavy winter around here to show some images from these gorges. Temperatures between -10°C and -20°C for several weeks created amazing ice formations.

On my daily way to work I pass the Triphammer Fall. These were artificially created by impounding the Beebe Lake and thus are not easy to photograph. For this image I used a telephoto lens to exclude anthropogenic elements from the image.

Triphammer Falls, Ithaca (NY)

Further downstream of Fall Creek are the Ithaca Falls, which serve as a semi-legal bathing place during the summer month. Since images of these Falls hardly visualize their size and light is always miserable there , I decided to take a self portrait in front of this gigantic wall of ice.

Ithaca Falls

The most famous waterfalls of the area are a 15 minutes drive out of Ithaca. The Taughannock Falls are higher than the Niagara Falls, but of course have a much smaller water flow. Photographic opportunities at this location are extremely limited. The falls are in the shadow the whole day and a nice viewing point is closed during the winter month.

Taughannock Falls, Ulysses (NY)

Additionally, you can find impressive ice structures at almost every corner. Despite all its beauty, I really hope that winter will release his grasp on us soon and make room for spring.


I hope, you enjoyed my first blog post (ever). I wil try to update new content on a regular basis and I am happy to take critics and comments.

best regards,