Direct Prints on Forex by Whitewall

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine recommended to print my images on Forex Plates. So far, all my pictures were paper-prints that I framed to put on the walls. Now I gave it a try and ordered Forex Prints at Whitewall. This blog entry describes my initial impressions.

I prefer to present my images in two different formats, 3:2 for landscape formats and 4:3 (the native sensor format of my µFT camera) for portrait formats. Thus, I chose to print my images with 24 x 16 inch and 24 x 18 inch, respectively. I would have loved to print even bigger, but I did not want to spend too much money for my first try.

The ordering on the whitewall webpage was uncomplicated and a wide variety of sizes were avaiable. It took 9 days from ordering to delivery.

Now, today I was holding two (!) giant packages in my hands:

The Whitewall Delivery

The packaging of the images was the best I experienced with any print-service so far. The images seem to be better protected then some nuclear plants on this planet. Every image came in a single package, protected by a ~1 cm cardboard plate covered with a foam layer and wrapped in foil. So while your images are totally safe for transport, you have to deal with a big pile of cardboard waste afterwards. I think I would have preferred if both images were shipped in one package.

The ultra-safe image delivery

After turning the images around, the slight annoyance about the big pile of cardboard was gone immediately due to the excellent quality of the Forex-print. The plates are light but seem to be sturdy and durable. The surface has a matte finish and the colors are brilliant. They have a little "soft" look which nicely fits the character of my images.

The result. I am very pleased with the quality

One big advantage of the Forex-Prints is the light weight. The 24 x 18 inch print weights 380 g (13,4 oz) and thus can be mounted on the wall using two tiny nailes. In my new appartment the walls are extremely hard, so I am happy I do not need to drill holes in them. The images can be attached with help of two simple but efficient hangers at the backsite of the plate.

The mounting system at the backsite

Thus, the Forex print would be ideal for expositions due to its low weight and easy and residue-free mounting. Only the price is a high hurdle if you want to expose ~15 images on Forex. But it is a great choice for the lucky photographers whose exhibitions are financially supported by sponsors.

Direct Forex Print - the lightweigh alternative to framing

Currently, I moved into a new appartment in Rostock. Thanks to the Forex Prints I now have some color on my previously white walls. Looking at them now, I would like them a little bigger, which would further increase the excellent impression of quality.

Some color on my walls

Conclusions: I am very pleased with the results of my initial Forex try and will definitely order some more prints at whitewall. I highly recommend it to my photography friends.


  • fast service
  • safe packaging
  • excellent quality
  • light weight
  • easy mounting


  • high price
  • amount of cardboard waste